"Brushes and Bisque"

Since the day we spent at the beach, the weather in NJ has been warm…but also gloomy, overcast and rainy as well. Looking back, we are soooo glad we chose to go to the shore on the day that we did.

Since today was another rainy one, we spent a lot of time indoors playing with Uncle Jeff’s Wii…..so much fun (and we are now doing our best trying to scout one out for ourselves…no luck yet though…urgh!) We then headed out for lunch and ended up at a pottery store called “Brushes and Bisque.” The kiddos all had great fun making a new ceramic thingamabob to take home with them.

Except that we forgot about the whole firing part of making ceramics. And not being able to pick up the finished project until days from now. Trying to explain that concept to a bunch of excited kids was not so much fun. Thank goodness for kind-hearted aunts who agree to mail hand-created thingamabobs to excited children as soon as possible.

It ended up being a really wonderful family day that we got to spend together.

Weslea was in heaven being around her Aunt Danielle who actually knows what to do with a young girl’s hair. I so wish I knew how to french braid…it’s something I have never been able to figure out.

This is Uncle Jeff trying his best to do an impression of how Sweatiepy looks in every picture. I now have another smarty-pants I get to deal with every time I get my camera out.

P.S. I just want to make sure that I don’t forget to mention that I got a score of 219 in Wii bowling…yep, I kicked the snot out of everyone else in the house. Oh yeah, I the woman.