A Beachy Day

We have finally made our way to New Jersey…after getting a much later start than we wanted to…because our sump pump was broken…and we didn’t realize it until right when we were getting ready to leave

Not the best way to get started on a family vacation. On a side note though: can you believe that Sweatiepy randomly purchased a brand-new sump pump six years ago and was able to pull it out of his stash to install it quickly before we left on our trip? Who would of thunk it? While I was watching him take on that task I was thanking the good Lord above that I was not born a man! Yuck, gross, not fun.

But we are finally here and on our first full day of vacation with my brother and his wife, we spent the day at the Jersey shore….and had just about the most perfect day you can imagine.

The weather here is 90 degrees, sunny and bee-yu-ti-ful! The beach was breezy and warm…and did I mention it was a completely perfect day? After Danielle suggested a day at the beach, I immediately began scheming to have a “beachy photo shoot.” The family (ie. Sweatiepy) survived the ordeal and I was really pleased with the shots I got today.

Here are some of my favorites:

I have the hardest time letting myself be in photos…are you the same way? I completely hate the way I look in every picture I see of myself and I’ve noticed that most of the other ladies I know feel the same way about being in photos. Since I wanted a shot of the whole family though, I had to bite the bullet and put my big rear end in the shot. Blech! Too bad I couldn’t have found a nice skinny mom-double to shove into my space.

The family looks wonderful though and it will be nice to have this photo hanging around my blog…I guess.