The "Think Big" Winner

I decided to shake things up a bit for this drawing that I am having for my “Think Big” Giveaway, so I skipped and went for a good, old-fashioned drawing of a name instead.

Materials Needed:

An adorable little tin from Target…I have about 35 of these things that I need to find a use for. I then cut up some leftover Pink Passion cardstock into equal sizes so all you girls would have the same exact chance to win…
I then used the cutest little name picker/hand model in the history of kiddo-kind!
The big drawing began…
And he picked the “Think Big” winner!

I’m almost 99.9% certain that this is the Debbie that lives right around the corner from me. I’m about .1% uncertain because I figure I only know about 15 different woman named Debbie!

If this is the Debbie who lives right around the corner from me, you all should see her scrapbook pages! Each one is a work of art.

So, give me a call or send me an email Debbie. We can arrange a time to get your new goodie to you. Congrats!