Swim Lessons

This little cutie here? He looks like such a complete angel-face, doesn’t he?

He equaled a major pain in my tushy today.

It started on the way to our first day of swim lessons. “Mom? My hate swim lessons. My not going to take swim lessons. My don’t like them. My not going to do them because my HATE them.”

Mom is thinking…”Oh yes you are mister. Mom paid $39 per kid for you to take swim lessons and it’s with Jacob, your favorite lifeguard, and you sure as heck are going to take swim lessons…got it buddy?!” There’s a strong possibility that I might have actually said these words out loud to him as well.

We get to swim lessons and he keeps informing me all the way down to the lake about how much he hates swim lessons (which he has never taken before) and how he is not going to take them because he hates them.

The lady in charge starts calling names for the different groups and all of my other kiddos go down to line up very nicely and then…then Weston’s name was called. He ran away from her as fast as his legs would carry him, screaming his head off and yelling that “my hates swim lessons and my not going to take them!”

I tried everything…we went to the van where he got buckled in and was told that he could get out as soon as he was ready to go back to his swim lessons. Every few minutes I’d ask him if he was ready to go back and he’d reply “no, my fine.” After 15 minutes in the van, I realized that I was going to miss out on watching all the other kids if we didn’t get out, so we headed back to the beach area where Weston knew he was going to have to sit on a towel until everyone was done. Back in the beach area, Aunt Janine tried peer pressure, reverse psychology and bribing…nothing helped.

At least he did a good job of staying on his “I’m choosing not to take swim lessons” towel. His mouth on the other hand…oh my word. This is just a taste of what I got to listen to the entire time…”Mom? Mom?! MMMMOOOOOMMMM?! My hate this towel.”

“My hate this towel. My hate this beach. My hate all that water over there. My hate all these people. My hate swim lessons.”

Yeah, I think you’ve made that pretty clear. Thanks for clarifying your position though. I appreciate it sooo much.

Meanwhile, my other kiddos and their cousins really enjoyed their swim lessons.

Can you tell that I’m being just a little sarcastic here?

They froze their little chicken bones the entire hour of lessons.

Even though this morning was really warm…the water hadn’t heated up since the cool weather we experienced last week. The kiddos were really quite pathetic to watch….poor little guys and gals.

Except this guy.
He was thoroughly enjoying his time-out towel that he “hated” so much.

Needless to say, he’s been pulled out of the lessons that he never even got into the water for and his $39 fee will be credited towards one of my other kid’s lessons that they’ll be taking in July. I guess I should of listened to him in the van on the way there.

Score: Weston – 1; Mom – 0