Stampin' Freebie Winners

There were a lot of you who stayed with me this past week and were eligible for this week’s Giveaway. I ended up having Wyatt (the two winners can thank him later!) draw two days out of a basket and Monday and Tuesday were chosen. I then went to those days and if you left a comment on that day, you were entered into the drawings.

Without further ado….the winners were:

Monday – Andrea R.
Tuesday – Kate O.

And now my lovely younger sister will not be able to whine any longer that she never wins anything. 🙂

Here are the prizes that you two wonderful commenters can choose from:

I actually have two of each of these sets waiting patiently in my basement…so you both can pick the same set if you’d like…or chose completely different sets….or choose whatever…who cares?! You were a winner!!

And now for my “Blog Shout-Outs” of the week:

Andrea – this would be my lovely younger sister again. She broke into tears last week after I didn’t include her blog on the “shout-out” list, made me feel super-guilty, I sat in a corner and cried awhile and promised her that I would never, ever leave her out again. Make sure you check out her blog for all the stinky, smelly stories that young babies provide for their mamas to tell!

Cindy – a person whom I have loved forever…my mom’s “baby” sister and my dearly beloved aunt who lives in Illinois. She is also extremely crafty and is constantly providing links to other creative websites that she finds.

Be sure to check them out this week…maybe leave some comments and make their day! If any of you have finally jumped on the blogger bandwagon, let me know so I can see what’s up in your neck of the woods…

And, of course, keep checking my “Giveaways Corner” for the details I’ll be posting soon about my next Giveaway.