Spring Pleading

In the spring, the very first day it starts to look sunny and like it might warm up a bit, we begin to hear pleads of can we please, please, PLEEEEEZZZZEE play on the slip-n-slide?!?!?!?!? It doesn’t matter if it’s actually only 40 degrees outside…if it’s sunny as well then they are convinced that it’s a perfect slip-n-slide day.

This weekend finally provided the ideal slip-n-sliding weather and the kiddos took full advantage of it.
Of course, they were also completely frozen as soon as they slid down the slide the first time.
But they hung in there and spent a good amount of time freezing their little buns off and having the time of their lives!

They are also starting to get their beautiful tans already, even though they are slathered with sunscreen. This is something that their albino mother completely resents. Life really is not fair sometimes.
Bring it on summer…we are so ready for you!