Poor, Poor Pitiful Craig.

Remember this guy? He still has not stepped into the water even one time during swim lessons. During the afternoon free swim time…totally in the water, as far out as he can go…all the way out to the rope.
During swim lesson time…he does the best disappearing act I’ve ever seen.
His poor cousin Craig though…this little guy made the mistake of nicely lining up with his class and getting into the water on his first day of swim lessons. Now his mama is making him stay in the class.

Weston: he’s enjoying the “life of Riley.”
Craig: is probably a little peeved at his stinky cousin for dumping him. Fortunately for Craig, he found a new best friend in his class…Mr. Lifeguard Jacob.

Weston: strutting his stuff around the playground. He has no problems at all being Mr. Loner if it gets him out of taking those horrible swim lessons…that he hates…that he’s never actually taken…ever

Craig: letting his new good buddy convince him to come back into the water.

Weston: making good use of his time by making “butt circles” in the sand.

Craig: clinging to Mr. Lifeguard Jacob.

Weston: going round-and-round on the pretty landscaping.

Craig: he’s not enjoying swim lessons so much.

Weston: he’s lovin’ burying his feet (or any other available body part) in the sand.

Craig: well, you get the picture.

Don’t you feel his pain?? Poor, poor pitiful Craig.

This post was completely written in honor of my little nephew Craig. There was absolutely no other reason at all why I might have thought to write another little story about swim lessons again. Not even though my good friend, Lori, might have very strongly hinted in her last comment that another good lifeguard post might be in order.

Geesh…I’m a good mom Lori! It’s all about the kiddos…all about them.