One Thing I Love

…is a beautiful, warm, spring day.

While we may not live in the smallest town in America…it does feel like it sometimes. Our “downtown” consists of one antique store and the tiniest Post Office I have ever seen in my entire life. That’s it!

Unless you count the old elementary school that is down the road a bit and is now the “Community Center.” And I guess you might even count the produce auction house that is several miles down the road but is still technically in our town. But still…what a rockin’ small town, huh?

So, if I need to make a deposit at the bank, feel the yen to eat at a mom-and-pop restaurant or need to pick up some groceries, I’ll head on over to the slightly bigger small town that is next to ours.

In addition to having a bank, several small restaurants, a hardware store and a grocery store…this slightly bigger small town also has one of the prettiest community parks around. It is by far the favorite local park of our family. And the main reason would be because it has a beautiful stream….creek….crik?…I don’t know what exactly you’d call it, but it has a nice, shallow body of water that the kids can splash around and play in.

Since I needed to run to the bank to make a deposit and since I knew Sweatiepy would not be home until late because of a meeting, I decided that the kids and I would pick up some supper and head to the park to spend a couple of hours there after school.

The careful plan in my head was that we would just get our hands and our feet wet since they weren’t wearing any of their special nasty, stained clothes that I have specifically designated as “play clothes.”

Yeah…that didn’t last long.

Wyatt was in his element. This is one of the few shots I got of him with at least part of his face showing. He was usually sneaking away from the other kiddos trying to see just how far down the creek he could go before I would yell for him to come back. I’d have to say, the boy made it pretty far since I was involved in trying to keep my eye on all four stinkers.

I do thank my lucky stars that my girl has a multi-faceted personality. While she loves to be pretty and to dress-up nice, she has no problems at all getting down-and-dirty when the occasion calls for it. She also loves to pose for me which makes life much easier for her “photography-challenged” mama.

The park was fairly empty of other people for most of the time that we spent there. One other mom did come down towards the creek with her little gal for a little while. Weston and the cutie-pie hit it off as new friends right away. They enjoyed strolling down the creek together.

Although I’m thinking that maybe his detailed lecture on “how to pick the correct stones that are designed to give the best splash when they are thrown into the creek” was not quite as fascinating for her as it was for him.

The highlight for these three was their BIG find of a shallow pool that had tadpoles in it. Talk about excitement!

Well, I guess you had to be there….but, it was pretty exciting stuff. Weslea couldn’t wait to share their find with her big brother Will.

Let me digress here for just a moment.

This poor girl is still completely enamored with her older brother. For example…for the past year, she has colored him countless pictures that she signs “To my brother Will; I love you! Weslea.” She’ll give the drawing to him and then he will pretty much act like she’s given him poison and will hide the picture in some deep, dark, black hole in his room. After she caught on to what he was doing, she began to sign her drawings “To: Will; Love: Wyatt” and then she’d slide them under his door. She then comes over and whispers to me “I drew Will a picture but I put Wyatt’s name on it so he won’t throw it away…don’t tell him, he doesn’t know!” She’s so happy to have made something for him and he’s just a stinkery older brother who either couldn’t care less or if he does, he sure isn’t going to show it.

He singlehandedly makes me kind of glad that I never actually had that older brother that I had always longed for when I was a little girl.

So, anyway, Wessie-girl is excited about their tadpole find and excitedly calls Will over for him to see their discover.

Do you see what my rotten boy has planned? The rock that he has in his hand and is ready to drop in to scare their tadpoles away?

Yes, I truly believe that older brothers were designed by God to have the sole purpose of driving their younger sisters crazy for the rest of their lives. Poor Weslea has a long road ahead of her.

He looks real upset about what he did, doesn’t he?

Like I’ve said before…that boy completely takes after his father.

Today it is stormy and rainy and cold and just plain, old yucky outside…I’m so glad we took advantage of the beautiful, warm weather when we did.