My Girl

A friend of mine has convinced me that I need to start shooting my photos in Raw.

What’s that? You don’t have any idea what that means? Well, come on in and join the “clueless club” with me! I still don’t understand either, but I decided to do a photo shoot outside today with Weslea to try to figure it out.
I learned a couple of things during my shoot:

1) I still do not know even one single thing about finding correct exposure yet. I definitely need to keep working on that (even though I’d love to stuff the whole exposure option down the toilet right now.) Exposure is so frustrating for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

2) Shooting in Raw is great, because you might actually have a chance to still use your photos after you doctor them up in Photoshop’s Camera Raw program. If you had seen my original photos, you wouldn’t even recognize them now.

3) Doing a photo shoot with a gorgeous girl in her pretty Sunday dress is so much fun! Unlike my boys, she was actually completely cooperative and loved the idea of being my “model.”

The best part for me? After my digital card was full and we had to stop experimenting with shots, my daughter turned to me and said “Mom, when I get older I’m going to be a photographer too.”

I said, “you go for it girl!”

And I thought “Good! Then she can teach me.”

Check out my Photo-A-Day blog over the next couple of days for more of my girl’s shoot.