My Dad

This is my goofy, fun-loving, bad joke-telling, wonderful dad.

Some people say that many times a girl will end up marrying someone who is just like her dad.

Not me.

No way, no how. Nuh-uh. That was so not gonna happen. Yuck!

Let’s do the rundown, shall we?

My hubby is
a) tall
b) dark
c) handsome (in my very humble opinion, of course)

My dad is
a) short
b) blonde (in his young years) or white (in his mature years)
c) handsome? (well, in my mom’s opinion I guess that would be true)

So you see? I did not marry someone who reminded me of my father!

But what’s this?

Wow! Dad sure looks like someone I know….who could it be?

Holy crud. My dad seems to have the exact same facial expressions as a certain other someone who shall not be named

Oh my gawrsh. I think I married my…

I cannot even finish typing that sentence, let alone say it out loud. It’s just sick I’m telling you…just sick.