Munchkins In Playland

After swim lessons yesterday, my sisters and I decided to “shake things up a bit” and we took the kiddos to play at a McDonald’s playland instead of heading back to the lake to swim the afternoon away like we usually do.

Since I was provided with such a wonderful opportunity to practice my indoor photography, I decided to do just that. Last night after I uploaded the pictures I quickly realized just how far I am from becoming a better indoor photographer…underexposed, blurry, fuzzy, noisy ~ those were the words of the night. All I can say is thank goodness for Photoshop! Even Photoshop couldn’t really fix all the problems with my photos, but at least we have a million and one cute kiddos in our family…it’s hard to make them look bad!

This was the cutest moment of the day…I looked over and caught my niece and nephew sharing a “lovey-dovey” moment. We don’t get to see those very often.

They sure don’t make McDonald’s playlands like they used to. Now our kids have their pick of a mini basketball court, video games, bicycling games, trampolines, long slides, and the list goes on and on. The kiddos don’t know how good they’ve got it now. Especially since they don’t have to walk two miles to school each day, uphill both ways, in deep snow all year long either. Yeah, that’s right…I totally had to do that. It was a rough childhood.

I’m stuck in a “close-ups” photography rut, but I can’t seem to stop myself. Please ignore the problems I just listed above (ie. blurry, fuzzy, noisy,…) I just love their little munchkin faces!