Let's Talk About Babies.

This is my littlest guy, Weston. He’s my baby. Except that most times he seems so much more like a “big boy” than a baby.

And, while seeing your little guy turn into a big boy will warm any mother’s heart…it also makes me a little sad to see him growing up so fast.

I have rarely had a problem with this guy leaving me to go into the church nursery or to join his class line at preschool or to walk out the door to spend the night at a cousin’s house. He’s usually all about “you can leave now mom!”

Confidence could very well be his middle name.

So, it was kind of a rare experience to see him looking a little shy and timid at his preschool graduation yesterday.

While he waited…and waited….and waited some more for his teacher to call his name, I realized that the poor boy has inherited his mama’s terrible habit of having his fingers in his mouth when he’s nervous.

He’s going to hate me for that someday.

I’ll just have to remind him that the beautiful dimples that grace his face, the same dimples that everyone constantly raves about…those came from his mom too. I think that those two things should cancel each other out, right? Then we can all be back on happy ground again.

My big boy has now graduated from his first year of preschool.

But all I have to do is look at a photo like this to see that he truly is my baby…chubby cheeks, fat-roll arms, ornery attitude…it’s all still there. Ahh ~ life is good.