Laughing Out Loud.

You all have never heard funny until you hear Sweatiepy laughing at something that is playing on the television when you are in the other room and have no idea what he thinks is so funny. The last time we went to NJ to visit my brother and his wife, they walked into their living room while Sweatiepy was laughing to a Kevin James routine. It’s an experience I don’t think they will ever forget!

Tonight I was out at the computer trying to get my little brain to absorb a tiny bit more Photoshop CS3 information (so taxing), when the chortling began in the other room. After fifteen minutes or so, I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to go check it out…I quickly discovered that he was watching the comedian, Brian Regan.

Oh my goodness! Talk about funny (Sweatiepy’s laughing and Brian Regan…they are just about equally hilarious to listen to.)

I am a registered voter and I vote religiously in every election that I possibly can. I feel strongly that it’s my duty as an Amercian to take my voting privileges seriously. More than anything though, I fear what my mom and dad would do if they found out that I skipped an election…they taught us to vote and by golly, I better do just that! Besides the whole “feeling strongly that I should vote thing” though, I really can’t stand most politicians, the idea of politics or the whole political spectrum in general. I just hate everything about it and am not looking forward to the presidential election. Brian’s stand-up routine included a segment on politicians that almost had me running to the nearby potty before I tinkled on myself. The dude is too funny for his own self!

You can check out his “politics” routine here: Most of his political routine I might be able to skip, but starting at 2:46 and watching until the end is a must see. A must see I tell you!

Just a bit of warning…be prepared to make a run for the bathroom. You think I’m kidding, but I am not. Of course, you all might not have the same lovely bladder issues that I get to deal with daily. Urgh.