All kids seem to have their fair share of kid-isms…or funny ways that they like to say things.

With Wyatt’s speech disability and our little guy, Weston (who is also known as “Mr. T” due to his current speech patterns), we get to laugh at kid-isms daily around here.

It has also helped that we went to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday. Have you ever noticed how kids can pick out the most inappropriate part of a kid movie and then focus in on that for say…the rest of their lives?

In Kung Fu Panda, that part would be when the panda gets knocked in the you know whats and he comes to a dead stop, utters a terrible groan and then says dramatically….”Oh, my tenders.” Giggles galore erupted all over the theater and since we’ve left the theater my 4 year-old has repeated that line to me a minimum of 362 times. While he grabs his crotch. Laughing hysterically everytime.

Thank you Kung Fu Panda. I will love you forever for that one.

But, back to kid-isms. Wyatt and Weston have shared a few lately that have been just knock-me-off-my-feet funny. Stinkin’ hilarious, that’s what!

Example #1: When Sweatiepy walked into the house from work one day last week, Wyatt came running in at full speed and yelled “Hey dad! I know what you is. What am my?” Bill looked at him like he’d lost his head and said “I don’t know, what are you?” (thinking Wyatt was trying to tell one of his not-so-funny jokes.) Wyatt starts getting aggravated “No! I know what you is doing. What is my doing?” (And yes, we are working diligently on personal pronouns with the kid right now…they are not sinking in whatsoever.) We looked at each other knowing we were missing something when Will walked in laughing. I turned him and asked “do you have any idea what Wyatt wants?” Will (a.k.a Mr. Stinker Head) said “Yep! I taught him to say I know you are but what am I?

Example #2: As I mentioned before, Weston has a well-earned nickname of “Mr. T”. This is not due to his humongous muscles or multiple tattoos, but because when he talks a large portion of his words seem to start with the letter W….no, I’m kidding you! They start with the letter T. It’s actually kind of cute and not usually a problem….unless you are talking about pets. Like the time Weston and I walked out of the church on a Sunday morning and a baby cat walked past the church door where a bunch a people were standing in a group chit-chatting and Weston turned to me and yelled at the top of his lungs…”Mommy! There’s a titty! A toot, little titty! The titty is so toot!” Yeah, it’s always a good thing when your church family gets to hear your kid talking about titties and how toot they are. It’s also fun when he walks into the house and has an hour-long conversation with me about “did you know our neighbors have lots and lots of doggies mom…and sheeps too! But they have no titties…no titties at all.” I think my neighbor might be interested in knowing that my kid thinks she has no titties.

Example #3: My 12 year-old husband likes to act like a crazy fool in the van when I’m not in it. One thing he likes to do on the back roads where we live is drive slow and then jerk the wheel back-and-forth to make the van rock a little bit (I know he does this because the kiddos always get too excited and then tell on him when they get home.) He has dubbed this special form of driving as “Disco Driving.” Last week on our way home from church on Sunday afternoon, Sweatiepy decided to treat me to a small taste of his “Disco Driving” which caused the kids to burst into laughter and yell “Woo-hoo! We’re disco driving mom! Don’t stop dad, keep disco driving!” This is great fun except for the small fact that Wyatt has a difficult time pronouncing his mid “S” sound…yep, you guessed it. He was the one in the back seat yelling “Woo-hoo! We’re dick-so driving mom! Keep dick-so driving dad!”

So, here’s wishing you all a grand weekend of “oh, my tenders” and “toot little titties” and “dick-so driving.” Please feel free to share your own kid-isms so we can all laugh at what you hear around your household. 🙂