Keepin' Busy

Have I ever mentioned that I have the two best sisters in the entire world? Well, I have the two best sisters in the entire world.

They knew I had a stamp class to prepare for today, and they both came over and spent their entire day helping me get ready. Since I am such a “last-minute Lucy” I am now not sure what to do with myself since I won’t have to stay up until 2:00 a.m. preparing for my class! This also means that we’ll all get to spend the entire day together tomorrow letting the kids swim at the lake for the first time this season.

Do you see all the millions and billions of pieces of cardstock they helped me measure, cut and score today? They must luv me to pieces…

While we were busy working, the cousins entertained themselves by creating a path of destruction through my house, eating a quick lunch and then enjoying some slip-and-sliding fun.

Do you see what I do when I learn something new? Now that I’ve figured out animation, I am just going to use it to death on my blog until you all are completely and utterly sick of seeing it. You’ll have to just bear with me. It’s a sickness of mine.
I also got to spend the day with my sweet, innocent, beautiful, almost-six-weeks-old baby niece Jordyn. I’ve informed Sweatiepy that he needs to buy Jordyn a new dress, or an ice cream cone, or a binky, or something because she has single-handedly convinced me (the woman who could have children continuously until the end of time) that I probably don’t want to have any more children.
The child cried the entire day. Let me rephrase that…the child screamed her bloody head off the entire day. Best birth control ever invented. ‘Nuff said.
I’m thinking Jordyn’s daddy needs to let her mommy go somewhere for an entire day by herself before her mommy completely loses her mind. Holy smoly…