It's A Giveaway: Cards!

I have already confessed that I am a major stampin’/scrappin’ hoarder. I love to buy beautiful goodies that I just know I am going to be using on my next card or scrapbook page. Sometimes I might actually use my new s”crap” stuff immediately (it’s rare but it can happen Sweatiepy!), but usually I end up hiding my goodies away somewhere because I can’t even imagine being able to part with my pretties….I might need them someday for something and then what would I do if I didn’t have them any longer??

Well, I am even worse about my hand-stamped goodies. I literally have hundreds…maybe even thousands….of hand-stamped cards in my stamp room. I’ve collected them from here and there and everywhere. Now, I have them put away to use as inspiration.

Like I would even be able to look at that many cards if I sat down for an entire year!

So, to be able to be in the running for my newest Giveaway, I am going to make you work for it ladies and gents. And the reason why, quite frankly, is because I don’t like to share my card samples. They’re mine, and they’re pretty, and I like to hoard them all for me just in case…and gosh-darn it, I love them. I’m pathetic, I know.

Here’s my Giveaway: 25 beautiful hand-stamped cards I’ve chosen from my personal hoarding collection. {sob} I’ll try to wipe all of my tear stains off of them before I send them to you.

In order to win this Giveaway…you have to leave one comment for every single post I’ve made this week. Every post from Sunday, June 1st, all the way through Saturday, June 7th. If you’ve already left a comment for some of the posts, then you are good to go on those. If you’ve missed a couple of posts, jump right on in and start commenting away. As long as you have one comment for each post during those dates…you will be in the drawing!
Special note to the men who lurk on my blog and never leave comments (ie. my brothers)…this would be a good time for you to actually win some cards that you could then give to your significant other. {hint, hint}