Happy Day At The Lake

You will probably tire of hearing this sooner rather than later, but…Oh Happy Day! We got to spend another day at the lake.

Spending the day at the lake means that I will probably get to enjoy a whine-free afternoon while I sit on my beach towel, read a book and soak in some rays while the kids and their cousins enjoy the sun, sand and water together.

I might even get the chance to see my four monkeys play cooperatively together. Of course, the only reason they were playing cooperatively together was because they were attempting to bury one sibling alive in the sand.

He was fine with it though, so it was all good!

Over the summer, my blog will probably consist of a lot of pictures of my kiddos in the water and sand…and a few of their cousins might even show up here as well.

Thank God for warm summer days at the lake…even if that day gets interrupted a little early by a scary thunderstorm.

P.S. I thought I might also take the opportunity during this post to assure you that my husband and I do in fact feed our kids. While they might look undernourished and slightly anorexic…they actually eat like little piggies all day long. I have no idea where all that food goes!

P.S.S. Sweatiepy also had those same pointy, sticky-outtie ribs when he was 9. I’m pretty sure that my mom would say that I did too….ahh, those were the days.