Cuddling With Dad

When you are blessed with a bunch of boys and only one girl, it’s pretty easy to see the inherent differences between them.

For instance, on this Father’s Day, the only thing that my boys were interested in this morning was “where am I going to hide so that I can scare Daddy with a huge ‘HAPPY FATHER’S DAY’ when he gets home from his bike ride??” So, they ran around the house like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off until they found the “perfect” spots. They spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out that big mystery instead of writing a nice note on the inside of their card like they were supposed to be doing.

On the card, the best Will could come up with was “I love you dad.” I guess I can be thankful that he at least used his best handwriting on that long, amazingly well thought-out message. The other two boys wrote their names as fast as they could and were out of there because…they had a hiding place to find, gosh darn it!

Weslea, on the other hand, had already spent a loooooong time at the store finding the most perfect card to give her daddy. She finally picked this one because “Dad and I love to give each other big hugs”: And she spent at least 15 minutes this morning thinking through what she wanted to write to him as well:
She ended up writing: “Happy Father’s Day. I love you a lot. Because like when you took us to the dock. Also when you wrestle us. When you do my homework with me.”

I just have to pause for a huge ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So, so, so, so stinkin’ cute.

I was able to catch the two cuddle-bugs on the couch this afternoon while they were watching TV together. Weslea looks adorable in every shot while Sweatiepy….well, not so much.

This is because my camera has another special switch, but it only comes on when it sees his face….it’s called the DOOFUS switch.

I hung in there though and finally caught him in this super-sweet pose of Daddy with his big girl who will always be his little princess…

Happy Father’s Day Honey!