Columbus to Marion to Back Home.

This was the weekend that our Praise Team was scheduled to sing at NCCI again, so my sister, Janine, and I decided to make a fun weekend out of it. Since the prison is only 40 minutes from where my brother lives, we drove down to Columbus on Saturday afternoon to spend that evening and Sunday morning with my baby brother, Jon, and his girlfriend, Kathy. We were able to get through the weekend with him attacking me only once or twice.

I drug my heavy camera with me and took……zero photos. I was a very, very bad photographer lady.

We stayed at Kathy’s apartment since she has an extra bedroom and I fell in love with her beautiful bed. This would be the beautiful bed that I didn’t take a photo of so you really have no idea what I’m talking about, but it was gorgeous and had this incredibly comfortable pillow-top mattress on it. Ahhhh….

My brother works for Selective Insurance and is getting ready to move to his new territory in Michigan next weekend. My oldest son, Will, has already made it known that whenever he visits his Uncle Jon in Michigan he is going to be sure to wear his Ohio State duds the entire time.

Here is the coolest thing about Jon’s new place though…the condo that he is going to rent was featured on one of HGTV’s makeover shows! It was the show where the person has just bought their first home and then HGTV does a complete makeover of one of the rooms for them. Look at the beautiful living room that Jon will soon be hanging out in:

Now I’m starting to wonder if his bachelor pad furnishings will fit into the decor of his new condo…

On Sunday morning we attended Jon and Kathy’s church with them and it was really nice to spend time worshipping with them. The music was beautiful and the pastor’s message really emphasized the importance of missions and how many people in the southern part of the hemisphere (South America, Africa, Asia) are really opening up their hearts and minds to the hope that Jesus can give them. After the service, we grabbed a quick lunch at Panera Bread and then headed back north towards Marion.

The prison service was a complete blessing as well. The prison’s praise team and choir got the service started and wowwee…do they know how to worship! Several people that attended the service with our group gave their testimonies and then our portion of the service got started. The best part for me is that most of the prison’s praise team played along with us…it was great fun to be part of a bigger group of musicians. Unfortunately though, we made it through only about four of our songs when an announcement was given that “the yard had been closed and all prisoners needed to go back to their cells immediately.”

Due to the severe thunderstorms that were rolling into the area, the worship service was over immediately and we all had to leave. It was so disappointing.

I am already looking forward to our next visit though and am thankful that we had the opportunity to worship with them as long as we did. Hopefully next time we’ll be able to make it through a little more than just 5 minutes of our music though!