Card Giveaway Winner

Today was our last day of school (finally!) so it was a busy one around here. I, of course, procrastinated on some of the teacher gifts and had to run around like a crazy woman finding those this morning. Ran back-and-forth to the school a couple times to drop off kids, go to a meeting, and pick up kids. On top of that, Bill had planned a “date night” for us (woo-hoo!) so I wanted to get the house cleaned up before my mom came to babysit the kiddos.

All that to say, I wasn’t able to do the drawing for my Card Giveaway until just now which means you don’t get a cutie-patootie kiddo drawing your name for you. They are all in bed and I am not even going to think about waking a sleeping child…no parent would even consider it! Due to this, Sweatiepy very ungraciously agreed to help me out with the drawing after I threatened him with bodily injury if he didn’t agree to help.

Since he was being so very not helpful about it, I skipped the pretty little tin that he would of made fun of and used a manly-man hat for the drawing instead. Not very pretty, but it worked just fine…

And here is our winner!

Sheila has been a Stampin’ Up hostess for me probably 15-20 times over the past six years so I think she probably completely earned this Giveaway long before I ever even thought of having it. 🙂 Congrats Sheila…I know you’ll put them to good use.

For those of you who have entered every Giveaway so far and still haven’t won…be sure to hang in there! I hope you are enjoying the commenting banter as much as I am. It’s been fun getting to know so many of you better just through you stopping by to say “hi” on this silly blog.

* * * * * * * * * *
And now I am going to randomly respond to some of the comments you all have left over the last week:

1) Why do I have to fill in the stupid word verification letter thing whenever I leave a comment? I decided to do this because years ago when I first started blogging I started to get weird random spam comments (not from Sweatiepy this time) that were really annoying and sometimes kind of nasty. By making each person fill in the word verification box, it keeps a computer program from randomly leaving spam on my blog. I know it stinks to have to fill it in…but it’s all worth it in the end. Right? I hope so at least. From my viewpoint, it’s definitely worth the hassle.

2) What in the world does shooting in RAW mean? It sounds a little risque if you ask me. {wink, wink} Believe me, I am not shooting photos of Sweatiepy in his birthday suit. Well, not usually. JUST KIDDING! Shooting in RAW is just an option that you can find on some (maybe most?) digital cameras. I am not a camera expert by any stretch of the imagination so please bear with me as I try to explain this…

On my camera, I found the RAW option under “Quality” and then I selected the icon that looks like a half circle with an L next to it. If I understood my friend correctly, this means I’m shooting in RAW and the photos will be the highest quality possible.

Since RAW is a higher quality image, I am not able to get as many photos on each of my memory cards. If I shoot with normal quality, I can get around 500 photos on my card. When I shoot in RAW L, I can get around 160 photos on my card.

The benefit of shooting in RAW for me is that when I open my photos in my Photoshop CS3 program, it immediately takes me to the Camera Raw Option which allows me to change the exposure, fill light, brightness, clarity, saturation…all that good stuff. And I can change these things very quickly and easily which will immediately make my photos look better.

Basically, if you have a good photography program that lets you spruce up your photos…shooting in RAW is awesome! If you don’t do all that much with your photos after you shoot them, I would just keep using the quality you are using now.

3) I’ve just been using Blogger to been leave comments on your blog, but now I’m kind of thinking I’d like to start blogging myself. How do I get started? Send me an email at angelastamps @ hotmail . com (no spaces) and I’ll help you get started. Be careful though…it’s addictive!

4) I know I already left a comment on this post, but it’s not showing up. What’s wrong? Blogger is annoying and unreliable and completely stoopid sometimes…that’s all I’m gonna say about that. Oh, but Blogger is free as well, so I try to keep that in mind when it gets frustrating from time to time.

5) I can’t remember what my Blogger password is! Sorry…I don’t know what your Blogger password is either! My advice would be to make up a new free email address through Hotmail and start all over again. The easier option would be to use the anonymous button and then just make sure you put your name in your comment so I know who you are. 🙂

* * * * * * * * * *
Some Interesting Items I’ve Noted This Week:
1) All of you have an “add 10 pounds to my face” option on your camera too! When I figure out how to turn that switch off, I’ll let you all know.

2) Even though it might make me a chicken (mom!), I am still not posting that blech-awful picture that Sweatiepy took of me and my new hair-do.

3) Almost all of you are the exact same age as me. It’s such a small world, isn’t it?

4) Some of you have been responding, very wittily I might add, to Sweatiepy’s comments. When you do that…you totally make his day. Thanks for doing your part to make him feel all hip and important and completely kewl (that will be my “happening” word of the day.)

* * * * * * * * * *
And another thing…some of you either have your own blogs or have just started your own blogs recently. Here are a couple that I’d like to point out today…check them out if you get a chance. Bloggers don’t care who stops by and leaves them comments ~ they love and treasure every comment they get!

Kate’s Blog – Kate and I just recently started chatting back-and-forth about photography and she has been a goldmine of information for me when it comes to that topic. She is also the stepmom to my two awesome nephews!

Chickengal’s Blog – Berni is brand-new to blogging…she just completed her first post today! Be sure to stop by and say hi.

* * * * * * * * * *
Finally…I think I’m just going to do some random Giveaways this week. All of the posts from Sunday, June 8th, through Saturday, June 14th, will count. On Sunday, the 15th, I will draw a couple of these days out of a basket and then I will do a drawing based on who left a comment on those days. Be sure to leave comments on each and every post if you want a chance to win the Giveaways! And yes, I’m completely pathetic and will do just about anything to get some blog love (ie. comments.) At least you all get to enjoy the freebies though!