Boys will be…well, boys!

Boys are completely fascinating creatures to me. I love to watch my boys with their robust, jump-on-in-there, full-of-life attitudes.

On top of my three boys, on my side of the family I get even more opportunities to watch a bunch of boys with all their antics. So far, out of ten grandchildren…seven of them are crazy boys.

My sisters, our friend Lori, and I made another trip to our favorite park yesterday where the kids enjoyed cooling off in the water and searching for only God knows what kind of creatures. Two of my kiddos couldn’t come with us since they are still in school. The price of living in the middle of nowhere with bad, beat-up country roads and lots of snow days to make up.

All I know is that the process of searching for only God knows what kind of creatures involves a whole lot of looking…

And a whole lot of building of the “creatures home”….

And a whole lot of complete fascination on the part of the boys.

And you know the old saying the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the road?

It’s not always true.

After warning the kids all day to stay on our side of the bridge because a) we didn’t want them to get hit by any cars driving into the park and b) from our viewpoint the water on the other side of the bridge looked exactly like it did on our side of the bridge.

We finally walked over there with them and discovered some man-made waterfalls…

I’m never going to be able to keep them away from that bridge now!

Hope you all enjoyed our 90+ degree weather too. Can you even believe how wonderful it’s been?!