A Man-Crush.

Our littlest guy, Weston, is in the throes of one major man-crush. The lucky object of his grand affection is Jacob…a lifeguard at the lake that we go to daily.

When we went to the lake for the first time this summer, I had to go into the office to pay for our membership. Weston marched right up to the office lady and demanded to know “where is the boy who throws water on me?” His man-crush knows no time boundaries apparently as he totally remembered the poor guy from when he drove him crazy last year.

He was highly disappointed to learn that Jacob was not going to be in for a few days. He made right up for lost time the minute Jacob was lucky enough to be on lifeguard duty again though.

You see, while all of our kiddos love hanging out with Jacob because he’s a fun, cool, energetic young guy who goes out of his way to make our munchkins feel special…

Weston takes the “hanging out” concept to a whole new level.

When it is Jacob’s turn to man the concession office, this is where I will find Weston…hanging there yelling “Jacob? Jacob? Are you in there? When you gonna come pway wiff us?” I’m telling you…it is beyond embarrassing to watch and listen to.

And, if Jacob makes the mistake of answering him, Weston will spend as much time as it takes to convince Jacob that it is time to come “pway wiff him.”

Their favorite game is called “soak the annoying 4 year-old kids who won’t leave me be.”

Unfortunately for Jacob, Weston loves that game and will just beg for more.

Today when Jacob didn’t come to the window due to the work he needed to get done in the office, Weston just hung out at the screen door yelling “Jacob? Jacob? My can see you Jacob!” When I told Weston to please leave Jacob alone for a bit he looked at me sadly and said “but my just want to look at him.”

But his favorite activity by far is to hang out with (or hang on) his favorite man-crush as much as he possibly can…

This guy has totally earned his lifeguard stripes, or medal or water wings or whatever it is that the best lifeguards win. He could single-handedly restore a person’s faith in the twenty-something crowd…I know he has for me. Someone that patient and caring with a bunch of enamored kiddos has got to have a heart of gold.
Now, let’s see if he can make it through the entire summer…