Zoo Trek

Bill and Will enjoyed a major “Dad & Me” event this past weekend. They embarked on the annual Third Grade field trip of an overnight at the Cleveland Zoo.

Bill was the designated chaperone for Will and two other really fantastic boys for the event ~ and boy, did they ever enjoy a nice weekend together.

Dad was rewarded for his efforts when he received this oh-so-sweet letter from Will:

I loved the letter for several reasons:

First of all, what mom wouldn’t melt when she read the words her son had written to his dad? I mean, you’ve got to admit that’s about the best thing evah!

Secondly, Will chose pink as the color of choice for his letter. You see, Will has decided that pink is favorite color, and he doesn’t care who or what has a problem with that! I remember his older cousin going through this “I am my own person stage” and I just think it’s the neatest thing that Will is now there. Especially so since Will has always been my more quiet, reserved kiddo that never wanted to make waves of any sort. I’ll put this letter away in his memory box and many years from now it will serve as a great reminder of who Will was at this point in his life.

And finally…just look at the clear, precise stamping he decorated his letter with. No smudging, very few unseemly lines surrounding his images…he makes his stampin’ mama proud indeed!
Bill also received letters from the other boys that were in his group. What a nice gesture for Will’s teacher to make! 🙂

But, one of the real reasons I am writing this post is to complain a bit. For, you see, I have found that no matter how much I read up on the topic of photography and no matter how much time I spend perusing photography websites and it even seems that no matter how many hours I spend practicing photography…
My man is clearly the better photographer.

With his “cheaper” camera and lack of extra lenses and no interest whatsoever in the topic of photography…

His pictures beat out mine every stinkin’ time.

This drives me a little crazy.
And, there is the possibility that I might be just a tad bit jealous about it.

Getting back on the original topic here though…the weekend was wonderful. Bill was blessed to spend the one-on-one time with our oldest son, he had the pleasure of having two other really fantastic boys in his group, and he was especially thrilled to get to deal with the extremely uncooperative Mr. Grumpy Pants grizzly bear. Just get in the picture already dude!

Take another quick peek at that last picture will you? What is up with third graders and the incessant need they have to make bunny ears behind their friend’s heads? The kiddos brought home their yearbooks last week and were excited to show me every picture that they could find of themselves in the yearbook. While checking out the third grade page, it didn’t take long for me to see 6,342 different forms of bunny ears behind the kid’s heads. It seems that this is the thing to do in third grade.
Oh, and just so you are aware of this, I at least can take pride in knowing that I am the only one in our household that knows how to spice up photos through Photoshop CS3 Extended so far. I might not take the best picture taker in the family, but I am by far the best picture fixer-upper, by George. That’s right…so there Sweatiepy. In yo face!