Worm Update

Phew…I made it through the worms!

Now that just sounds completely appetizing, doesn’t it?!

And, it turned out to be a wonderful day…worms and all. Here’s why:

Reason #1) The scenery was amazingly beautiful.

Reason #2) Even though I came home with my shoes and pants sopping wet and muddy, it did not rain even one time while we were the park! Thank you God for small miracles.

Reason #3) The girls in my group were just awesome. And, it turns out that they aren’t really girls…they are TOMBOYS through and through. They made a day trekking through a state park a complete breeze.

Reason #4) Remember the Mrs. Vaughn lady who was supposed to be the co-leader of my group and I was praying that she wouldn’t mind doing four pages of worm activities while I was the group photographer? Well, that’s exactly who she was. She was perfect.
She’s my new best friend.

Reason #5) And remember when I was whining, “Why, oh why, couldn’t I be put into a group with at least one dad?” It was a legitimate whine, but a whine nonetheless.
Well, an extra dad showed up and his daughter was in my group so he was in my group too.
Seeing him with his daughter made me wish that Bill had been able to skip his “very important meeting” so that I could of taken pictures of him and Weslea holding hands. {sigh}
The only major problem throughout the entire day was that I got a lot of back and rear-end pictures while the girls ran madly from one place to the other.

I mean, can you even believe these gals?
They loved the worms. I still most definitely do not.

My girl and I had a wonderful “Mom & Me” day.

And, she was super-thrilled that her best bud, “J”, was in our group.

It was a perfect day for my little tomboy…and for me too. Those darn worms and all.