The Mohawk Wonder

Look at what Sweatiepy did today.

Yep, he gave my kiddo a mohawk.

Wyatt has been begging to have his hair buzzed for a couple of weeks now and Bill found a little bit of extra time to sqeeze in a haircut today. Of course, then he had to mention “why don’t I put a mohawk in it while I’m cutting it Wyatt?” and Wyatt was in complete agreement that a mohawk would be just like totally, completely awesome. Dude. {I’m rolling my eyes here now.}

Moi was not thrilled. Moi only finally agreed after they promised it would be for just one day. Moi now thinks that she might have been suckered into a long-term mohawk on her cute little third-born baby-child.

He does look pretty stinkin’ cute…in a little kid, smarty pants, punk-rocker type of way. I guess. Not sure how I’ll be handling it when we walk in the door to church tomorrow though.