Second Stampin' Giveaway: We Have A WINNER!

Did I ever learn a lot about each of you through my second Stampin’ Giveaway! Mainly I learned that you all have been through some extremely G-R-O-S-S experiences and that sometimes there can be “Too Much Information” shared…at least for my weak, wimpish tummy. If you ask me, you all have made my worm extravaganza look a little bit lame.

There were only 15 independent entries (boo-hoo!) so, unfortunately, there will be only one winner for this Giveaway. Be sure to spread the news ladies! The more independent entries there are, I am sure there will be even more Giveaways. {I have an “in” with the Giveaway Lady and she assures me this is, in fact, the case. She is such a super-awesome lady just in case you were wondering.} hee-hee

I know you are all totally gagging over my self-promoting ways now. I just couldn’t resist…I’m terrible, I know. It’s a curse.

So, here’s the Giveaway Routine. I entered the numbers 1 – 15 into

And the number 7 came up as the winner!

And our number 7 entry was by “ChickenGal”:

So, ChickenGal…send me an email at angelastamps @ hotmail . com (no spaces) and let me know your mailing address so that I can get this stamp set in the mail and on it’s way to YOU! Super-huge congrats!

And a super-huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered. You all are keeping blogging oh-so-fun for me and my poor, pathetic life.

P.S. And a special note for all of you wonderful, not-at-all bitter losers…make sure that you leave a comment congratulating ChickenGal under this post or you will have bad luck forever here after. It’s true! For forever! Amen.