Quick Question For You

Bill started this thing where everytime he goes away on business, he’ll find a sweatshirt from that area to give to me as a gift when he gets home. I don’t mind this at all…in fact I quite like it. I love comfy sweatshirts (preferably with a hood) that I can wear around the house and it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling that he’s thinking about me while he’s gone (aw shucks.)

For the kids, he almost always buys them a book either about the state that he is visiting or the city that he is in. They actually love these gifts and always wonder about “what book do you think Dad will get us this time?” Whenever the kids are a little bit older and we start making road trips around America with them, I’m sure we will end up bringing all of their “Dad’s Gift” books with us as well.

My question though is this…

Should I be offended by the sweatshirt he got me this time?

What do you think the “little” could be referring to?

Because I’m thinking, it’s definitely not my hips….or my booty….or my waist….or ??

For those of you who know me, there is definitely one part of me that is a little smallish. Well, very smallish. Okay, if I’m honest with myself, that part could only really be classified as non-existent now that I’ve nursed four kiddos.

I’m just kidding with you all though…a few nights ago he called me from the restaurant when he saw these sweatshirts and we had a good laugh about it. Of course, now that I actually have the sweatshirt and I have actually put the sweatshirt on and I can actually clearly see that “Little Angie’s” falls right across that smaller part of my anatomy, maybe it’s not quite so funny?

Nah…it’s still a hoot! There’s nothing I can really do about it, so I might as well laugh about it.