Our Scrappin' Endeavor

If you can make it through this long, drawn-out post…there is a reward at the end of it.

It’s another Stampin’ Giveaway!
(This Giveaway is now CLOSED.)

Approximately nine months ago, my sister-in-law (Danielle) called me and asked if I would help her complete a scrapbook of a wedding shower she had given for her friend. I said of course I’ll help you and then got off the phone and had a panic attack wondering how in the world am I going be able to help her with this?! You see, even though I teach about the marvels of scrapbooking at my stampin’ workshops…the truth is, scrapbooking intimidates the heck out of me.

Last Thanksgiving, when Sweatiepy and I made our last visit to New Jersey to see my brother and Danielle, I literally dragged eight bags of stampin’ stuff with me so that I could help her with her scrapbook. You can ask Sweatiepy…for once in my life I am not exaggerating a bit. I truly did pack up that much s”crap” junk to take with me.

We didn’t complete even one page. Yeah, Sweatiepy was real thrilled about packing all those extra bags for me knowing that I probably wouldn’t even use any of it. Let’s not talk about that topic any longer…it might bring all of his rage back to the surface and then I’ll have to hear about it…again.

Christmas rolled around and Danielle brought all of her stuff to Ohio with her so that we could work on the scrapbook together.

We again didn’t complete even one page.

She finally called me before they began their trip to Ohio for Memorial Day and basically said please, please , pleasewe HAVE to finish this stupid scrapbook this time. My friend’s anniversary is in June and I’d really like to give it to her as a gift. There was no getting out of the project this time…the pressure was ON.

All of this wordy post is to tell you that my sisters, Danielle, my mom and myself finally sat down on Memorial Day evening (the night before Danielle and Jeff would be leaving to go home) and we completed that gosh-darn scrapbook. And thank goodness for Danielle who helped to prod me out of my scrapbooking rut and gave us all a reason to get scrappin’ again…


Let me mention very quickly. None of us girls had any idea that Sweatiepy would be grabbing my camera to take pictures of our motley crew. It is quite possible that we didn’t even comb our hair all day before this event because, well…we were going to be around family so who cares if our hair is combed anyway? Right?

We were also right in the midst of our “creative genius” and very involved in what we were doing when he started snapping away…this explains the blank, brain-dead looks on our faces.

Carrying on…

This would be me…the supposed “expert” who really has no clue what she’s doing. It also looks like she hasn’t used a comb in three days.

These two would be my sisters…1) Janine – who is an excellent stamper but has no scrapbooking experience at all and 2) Drew – who is an excellent stamper and an incredible scrapbooker. She was supposed to be our “Inspiration Expert” for the evening.
The problem is…Drew got in a slight fender bender on her way to our scrapbooking endeavor. Don’t worry, she wasn’t hurt at all (although we can’t say the same for her poor vehicle), but her creative mojo had left the building. She was way too stressed by the day’s events to help us muddle through our pages. We were all on our own.

And this would be Danielle who told us she has no interest in scrapbooking and she would be in charge of the baby. (My mom was supposed to be in charge of the baby but ended up being in charge of bribing the other kids with snacks and juice every time they came into the room to bother their oh-so-busy mamas.) We also let Danielle be in charge of the paper-cutter that seemed to disappear every time we needed it. Yeah for Danielle ~ she rocked at her jobs!

So, all of this brings me to my Third Stampin’ Giveaway in which I’ll be giving away this stamp set that not only is wonderful for cards, but it is perfect for scrapbooking as well.

You don’t believe me? Check out the “Think Big” art gallery on SplitcoastStampers and you’ll soon see just how marvelous this set really is.

To be entered into this Giveaway, all you need to do is answer this question in the comments section below:

When is the last time you have scrapbooked?

Are you an avid scrapper that can put the rest of us to shame? Do you scrap once or twice a year when the creative genius hits you? Does scrapbooking intimidate the snot out of you and you can’t even imagine how to get started? Or, here’s my personal favorite, are you an avid purchaser and hoarder of scrapbooking items, but you never actually use the stuff you collect? {I’ll just raise my hand for this one…I’m the classic example of a stampin’/scrappin’ hoarder.}

In one way or the other, just answer the question so you c
an be entered into the Giveaway.

Here are the rest of the pages from our simple scrapbook that we completed in just one evening! We are all relieved to have that project over and done with and yet very proud of ourselves for accomplishing it.

Hey, let me tell you. If we can finish a scrapbook…anyone can, and that includes you! If you haven’t already started, now is the time to try out this fun hobby. Be sure to answer my question first, you’ll want to win my prize to help you get started on your project!