Oh. My. Head.

My good friend, Jane, has a saying that she says all the time that completely cracks me up. Instead of saying “Oh my goodness” or “Oh my gosh” or “Oh my _________”…she always says “Oh my head!” And it just fits this situation perfectly.

It has taken me three full days to work up the nerve to share this….but I’m finally ready to do so.

So {taking a deep breath}, on Thursday of last week, I’m 99.99999999999% sure that:

1) after taking the boys to preschool and standing in the hallway of parents, children and teachers for 10 full minutes…


2) after going to the gas station to fill up my van while leaning on my van in front of all the other drivers and everyone in the station


3) after going back to both schools to pick up my kids and the neighbor kids (and once again walking into the preschool hallway full of parents, children and teachers)

anyway, after all that I then walked back into my house, just happened to walk into my bedroom and went past a mirror and noticed that my zipper had been down for the entire day.

The. Entire. Day.

And…I was wearing a shirt that didn’t cover my zipper.

Is there anyway I can get past this? Anyone? Please, someone share a more humiliating story (that doesn’t involve me) so that I can work up the nerve to leave my house again. I’m dying here, guys.