Mr. Wyatt

Yesterday was a not-too-sunny yet not-too-chilly, oh-so-nice day for the kids to play outside. Janine, Andrea and I ended up meeting at the park for the kids to play and enjoy ice cream cones and then I headed back home before Will and Weslea got home from school.

Noticing the not-too-sunny sky when I got home, I decided to force an impromptu photo shoot on the kids. Will and Weslea were fairly cooperative ~ not thrilled, but willing to suffer through it for mom’s sake. {Sigh.} They love me soooo much. (You can see some of their pictures here and here and here.)

And then we got to Mr. Wyatt.

Who was not digging the shoot at all.

“Mama? My don’t want to do this.”

“Can you just help mommy out here? Please? I’ll just take a couple of pictures and then you can go back inside. I promise.”

Ahh…he’s getting a “maybe I could smile for her” look on his face. Yippee…

Um, nope…completely misread that one. It was really an “I’m going to be extremely obnoxious and annoying right now so that mama will give up and let me go back inside” look.

He’s pretty good at the obnoxious and annoying part. Just give him another year or so and he’ll be quite the expert at it. {I’m beginning to grind my teeth now.}

Oh goodie! It’s getting even better…this is going so well.

“Do you give up yet Mama? ‘Cause I can keep going for like…forever.”

Needless to say, Wyatt won that battle. Pictures with Weston weren’t even attempted.

A woman does have her pride you know.