In Love With Ewe.

Our super-parent neighbors encourage their children to participate in 4-H every year.

My children’s clueless parent (which would be me) isn’t even sure if 4-H should be spelled “4-H” or “4H.” And she is too lazy to go look it up right at this moment. Due to the peer pressure, I mean friendly encouragement, from next door I’m pretty much fairly certain that our kiddos will also be involved in 4-H/4H next year as well.

Imagine the kiddos excitement when they found out that they were going to be the primary caregivers for the neighbor’s brand-new lambs this weekend?! Even though we don’t have to begin the feedings until tomorrow, we decided to check out the newbies this evening.

Armed with the knowledge that “the one with white ears is Peter Pan“, and “the girl is Tinkerbell“, and “the one with black ears is GusGus” we set off on our mission.

And, we are all officially in love.

Mr. Peter Pan is the white-eared super sweetie.
Not only was he curious little stinker,
and oh-so-friendly with the kids,
but, he also loved me…or maybe he loved my camera…but that’s neither here nor there. He kept his eye on me and looked at me a lot which is just what any camera-lugging mama would be happy with.
The other two baby dolls were just as cute. The only problem was that except for one very small difference (I apologize GusGus, but the fact remains that at this point in time it is still just a very teeny, very tiny difference)…

we had no idea who was who unless we bent down and checked out their…well, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
Who in the heck are you?

I mean, I’m not completely stupid. I promise! I’m not. Sometimes it was very easy to tell who was who…

It’s even fairly obvious here. “Well, hello there Tinkerbell!”
Crap. Now we’re back to TinkerGus again.

We are so going to enjoy our visits with the lambies this summer though. I mean, how could you not fall in love with these guys…(or maybe I should say this guy and gal?)

It’s enough to melt even the most animal-avoiding woman’s heart.
I see many photo opportunities in our near future. Magical moments for sure.