Happy Mama's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are grandmas, mamas, soon-to-be mamas, or hoping-to-be mamas in the future! I hope you all have a fun-filled, wonderful day dedicated to your loved ones pampering you. My mom is in Illinois visiting her family right now, so I’m really missing seeing her today. Love you Mom!

I was woken up this morning by having a slight heart attack when Weslea leaped on my back screaming “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOMMY!! LOOK WHAT I MADE YOU!!”

But in reality, my Mother’s Day really started last week when I bought Photoshop CS3 Extended and Photoshop Lightroom for myself. {Picture me doing a happy dance right now!} Danielle helped me find an incredible deal on both of them, so I decided to jump in with both feet and made the plunge baby!

Bill’s gift to me was that he didn’t kill me when he found out what the gifts were that I had purchased for myself. In fact, he didn’t even get mad at all which makes him the Husband-Of-The-Year (in my very humble opinion.) He also had the kids sign a card to me, brought home these pretty flowers that are beautifying my table right now, and he also made me a full-blown breakfast and wouldn’t let me help with it at all. Doesn’t get much better than that!

The kids outdid themselves this year with a bunch of cutie-patootie handmade gifts.
I tell you what, before I was a mom, these kinds of gifts would of driven me crazy. I wouldn’t have appreciated them at all. Now I just think they are the most wonderful things ever.

Weston’s gifts:
Weston is finally old enough to grasp the concept that he wants to make his own gifts for his mom. Of course, he kind of ruined the surprise a bit by coming home from preschool several days telling me “my is making you a surpwise fwower gift mommy, but my can’t tell you what it is.” Made me laugh everytime.

Wyatt’s gifts:
I am just so proud of this kid ~ the strides he has taken with his fine motor skills have been unbelieveable to us this year. Last year, I don’t think they could of paid him to sit down and draw me a picture on his own, let alone cut out tracings of his hands. It’s been a truly amazing year for him.

Weslea’s gifts:

Miss Weslea blessed me with the heart attack this morning, a flower picture that has chores written on the stems that she is going to do for me, a hand-drawn picture of me and her (soooo cute!), and two decorated rocks. Yep…I am now the proud owner of not one, but TWO decorated rocks.

Will’s gift:

Will’s gift was so cool and he put a lot of thought into it. His teacher provided all the materials so that the kids could make their mom a pair of earrings. He chose seashells because “we like to go to Pier-Lon to swim Mom, and we love the beach, so I thought you would like these.” I have the firm impression that I am expected to wear them anytime we are near any sizeable body of water in the near future.
And, while I am showing a close-up of my ear, I just have to point out that Baby Jordyn inherited something from her Aunt Angie. The poor little dear has the exact same, pointy Spock ears that I have always so enjoyed having. Hers seem a lot cuter than mine ever were though.

And, one last shot of my little beauties.