Fiesta de la Familia

I’m sure you are all fairly familiar with the Bible verse about how we need to “be fruitful and multiply?”

Well, my parents took that verse pretty literally. I was raised in a family of seven: My two fruitful and multiplying parents, Janine (our “old” sister), me (the child with no significant birth order whatsoever), Andrea (who we also call Drew and is the baby sister), Jeff (the oldest of our younger brothers) and Jon (the youngest of our younger brothers and the true baby of the family.)

And, so far, three of my parent’s children have taken that verse pretty literally as well. Which, in turn, means that when we have family get-togethers there are around 16,000 people who are going to be there.

My two brothers now live farther away than most of us are happy about (we miss them!), so we were thrilled to have both of them back to visit for the Memorial Day weekend. Our house was chosen as the “Get-Together Location” for Saturday and we hosted 23 people at the event (pretty close to my 16,000 estimate, huh?)

The kids…and the kid-adults…enjoyed a variety of activities. Everything from playing on the playground…

to Caryn teaching everyone how to fingerknit (this was very popular!)…

to the main event of the day which was 4-wheelin’…I think most everyone would vote for this as their absolute favorite thing to do that day…So. Much. Fun.

Later in the evening my oldest of my younger brothers, Jeff, convinced us all that we needed to learn how to play Frisbee Football.

We quickly realized two things…
1) If our youngest brother, Jon, was on your team…you would win!
2) If our sister with no significant birth order, Angie, was on your team…you would lose.
Yes, that sister would be me and yes, I stunk at this game, and yes, I am rather competitive when it comes to sports, so yes, I might have started to play kind of dirty after awhile.

I can’t help it that I can’t catch a frisbee and might have needed to resort to slightly-illegal tackling. Get over it already you big babies!

We also learned that we are far too old to play Frisbee Football. It’s exhausting!

We ended the evening wit
h a good ‘ol campfire. I was too lazy to go back to the house to get my tripod, so the pictures are all blurry. But they do recall the warm, fuzzy feelings that go along with any good campfire.

And, the bonfire was huge…and awesome…and included hot dogs and nice, sticky s’mores. What more could a person ask for?
So, despite the slightly nauseating effect of me thinking about my parents “being fruitful and multiplying” (I mean, no kid wants to picture their parents and that), I can’t imagine life without every single one of my sweet, annoying, crazy, obnoxious, and completely wonderful siblings. They would all say the same things about me, so that means I’m allowed to say the same things about them. It’s a “sibling rule.”
Everyone is either back home or getting ready to head back home to “normal” life now and I miss them already. I’m already looking forward to seeing you all again soon!