A Big Shout Out To Sweatiepy

This would be my dear husband, Bill.Who (in blogger land) is also known as “Sweatiepy.”

I’ve posted most of this information on my other blog, but I thought it might be best to share it on here as well since I have so many new people stopping by. And I’d rather have my customers and friends still think that I am at least a slightly normal person despite what my “Sweatiepy” likes to write about me, my family and himself.
So, how in the heck did Bill get that blech-awful name?
Many moons ago in my early blogging days, someone began posting weird comments on my blog. At first, it completely freaked me out…who was this person and how did they know who I was and why were they leaving strange comments on my blog??
It didn’t take me long to realize that the smart-alecky comments sure sounded a lot like someone I knew. One night, after I threatened him with a long, slow, painful death during which I would talk his ear off and have many long conversations concerning the identity of “Sweatiepy”…my dear, loving hubby finally admitted that he was in fact the smarty pants leaving the comments. He made me promise not to tell anyone and we enjoyed messing with our family’s heads for quite awhile after that. {insert evil grin here}
Of course, being the rebel that he is, Bill accidentally signed up for his first blogger account as “Sweatie Pie” when he actually meant for his sign-in name to be “Sweetie Pie.” When I started hounding him for his theory on who the evil “Sweatie Pie” could be (I prounounced it “Sch-wet-tee-pie”), he forever after became known by that new, slightly horrifying pronunciation.
And, being the forgetter of passwords that he is…”Sweatie Pie” slowly transformed through many other forms of the name until he finally got to the one he uses now ~ “Sweatiepy.” What a beauty, huh? He is now officially known as “Sweatiepy” to all of my blogging world. Well, at least for as long as he remembers his newest password.
So, now that you all know who “Sweatiepy” is, be sure to respond to his witty banter in the comments section. It gives him a warm, fuzzy feeling and increases his feeling of self-worth when people acknowledge his sickness…oops, I mean his humor. If he is ignored for too long, I will have to deal with his tears and sadness. And believe you me, THAT is not a pretty sight.
P.S. I forgot to mention…one of the things that burned me up so much when Sweatiepy first began commenting on my blog was that the person misspelled everything. Bill quickly figured out that it bothered me so now he does it on purpose…all the time. Urgh.