Way Too Much Testosterone For Me

How’s that for a strange blog post title?

Will and I spent Friday evening at his school attending a fun Mother/Son activity. After the girls had their Father/Daughter Dance, the boys must of made it clear that it wouldn’t be fair for the girls to be the only ones to have a special activity that involved a parent.

Before I go any further…I just have to say a real quick “dagnabbit!” When did this guy grow up so much?! I just can’t believe it when I see pictures of him now…he was supposed to be my little guy forever. He apparently did not get the memo that he needs to stop this “growing up” business immediately.

Moving on now…

So, we spent the evening building a Home Depot racing car.


Actually, spending the time with Will was so much fun just like I knew it would be. We had a wonderful time together…but, yowza! It is hard work trying to hammer in those teeny tiny nails without bashing your thumb. I tried to be the good parent that let my child do all of his own work on his own car, but it just got to a point that there was no way he was going to be able to do it. He was getting frustrated and had bashed his thumb twice so I had to give it a shot. I was almost worse at it than he was, but we finally got the cursed car put together.

It was worth the pain in the end though. He was really proud of his finished race car and I was so proud of him. He was a great date for the evening.
Special Note to Home Depot’s Sales Department: projects like this would be a lot more fun if you could please pre-drill the holes for the nails to go into. Our thumbs would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.