The Three Amigos

Four years ago, three lovely sisters randomly decided (with the full enthusiastic participation of their manly men) that it was time to add another little blessing to their families…all without the knowledge that the other lovely sisters were doing the same as them.

Due to the above circumstances, our Roth family was blessed with three boy cousins all born within two months of each other. And these three cousins will forever after be known as “The Three Amigos.”

This is my addition to “The Three Amigos” ~ middle amigo (a.k.a. my littlest guy) Weston:
We decided to have their birthday outing together as a team and headed out to Chuck-E-Cheese today for a grand party.

Being the nice family that we are, we decided to let this little stinker tag along with us:

Mucho fun was had by all and the amigos (and the other extra stinker we brought along) presented many opportunites for their mamas to take fun, happy, wonderful birthday pictures:

And what a grand addition to the family they all were….we love you boys!

The Three Amigos

(Nathan, Craig, Weston)

Age 4