Sisters At Heart

Cousin to cousin
we’ll always be,
special friends
from the same family tree.

At the soccer fields last night, I was very relieved to have our two beautiful girls willing to pose for me. After taking 107 (million, trillion) pictures of Wyatt’s soccer game, it was wonderful to have a different subject matter for a few minutes.

While they were goofing off for me, I couldn’t help thinking how blessed we are that the two girl cousins in our family love each other so much.

I’ve always had a tender, sad spot in my heart that Weslea does not have a sister. I have three sisters that I love with all my heart and I cannot even possibly imagine my life without them. Two of my sisters grew up with me and we dealt with all the fighting, scrapping, and fierce devotion that blood sisters develop together. My third sister is the sweetie that married my brother and we loved each other immediately without having to go through all the fighting…thank God for that!

Although, I am still kinda mad at my third sister because she lives so far away and nothing I do or say can talk her into moving here to be with us. “Just leave Jeff there…he’s a big boy, he’ll be fine and we’ll be your new family!” She doesn’t seem to buy it so I guess I’ll have to get over that mad eventually. Maybe.

That said, the Cousins Poem above really doesn’t describe Caryn and Weslea’s relationship very well at all. Because, while they might be cousins by blood…they are really sisters in their hearts. Teasing, fighting, loving each other, fierce devotion and all…

So, here is a poem that would definitely be more appropriate for them:

God made us sisters,
Our hearts made us friends.
Love keeps us bonded
Thru thick and thru thin.

Being family
Gives permanent ties,
For which I am grateful
To be in your life.

Though our paths may lead
Down separate roads,
God gave us each other
To help with the load.

God had a great plan,
As He always does.
Growing together
Was the best for us.

I can’t imagine
My life without you.
Sisters are for keeps
And forever true.
© by Joyce C. Lock