Random Ramblings

Will’s teacher is a sixtyish, plumpish, shortish woman who is as nice as anything and completely reminds you of a grandmotherly sweetheart. I got the kids to school a little early on Monday and Will came home telling me how he walked into his class early and his teacher was listening to music. Not a big deal considering she was probably filling in the dead air before the kids got there. Here’s the question you should ask though…exactly what song was she listening to? Well…Will was completely astounded that the music she was working to was “Clumsy” by Fergie. We love groovin’ to this song at home, but weren’t quite picturing Mrs. Grandmotherly Teacher Lady groovin’ to the same beat. Will’s astonishment was so funny.

Another funny happening in our home…Weston’s favorite phrase right now is “What’s tookin’, toots?” (Or, in non-four-year-old language that would be “What’s cookin’, toots?) Try keeping a straight face when your little one asks you that over and over!

We had a beautiful weather day yesterday so I kicked the kids out the door once they finished their after-school snack with stern warnings to “stay outside, it’s a beautiful day…you are not coming back in to bug mom for a long while.”

Weslea wanted to show off her “moves” (whatever they might be)…

Little boys in boots are just the cutest things ever…

Today is Weston’s preschool birthday party. Bill picked up snacks and goodies on the way home from work last night. So, here’s one of my pet peeves…why do they still put jawbreakers in the assorted bags of candy? I am not a huge safety-conscious mama…I can let most things go. But, is this candy company just asking for a young kiddo to choke and die so the family can sue them? Jawbreakers are just completely the dumbest candy ever (in my ever so humble opinion.) I end up picking through the big bag of assorted candy to find all the jawbreakers and then in the garbage they go.

Treat bags are finished, non-homemade cupcakes are purchased (yeah, I know, I’m a bad mom), and ice cream cups look yummy. I am a little concerned though that Bill bought two kinds of ice cream instead of just getting two packs of the fun looking sherbet. I’m picturing a rampage of four year-olds chasing me out of the building yelling “you mean Weston’s mommy ~ we want the fun, pretty ice cream cups not these boring vanilla cups!!” Hopefully that’s just my imagination working overtime. I’m not sure though, those four year-olds can be pretty brutal when they put their minds to it. Wish me luck!

And, just because she’s so cute, one more picture of my punk rocker, girly-girl showing off her moves again…she’s looking pretty serious about it this time.