"Le Chef Will"

Our school held its annual book fair this week and I sent the kids to school with some money to pick out a book of their choice. Will surprised me with his choice when he came home with Disney’s “The Magic Kingdom Cookbook.” He immediately picked out some recipes that he wanted to make and made it very clear that he would appreciate me going to the store SOON to get all of the ingredients so he could get started with his cooking.

He made his first recipe on Saturday morning ~ Lilo & Stitch’s “Tropical Fruit Smoothie.” He also very patiently let me practice my “no-flash photography” while he was working…

After a bunch of coring, cleaning, and slice-and-dicing, he was ready for the fun part….

All of the kiddos were extremely excited by this event and made sure that I knew that “they all wanted to be chefs sometime soon” as well. In other words, I heard a lot of the whiney phrase “is it my turn yet???” all morning long….blech. Here they are enjoying the “fruits” of Will’s labor.

(Ha! Did you catch that? I made a funny…the “fruits” of Will’s labor.) I kill myself sometimes…

The only problem with the whole thing was that every single one of my stinkers did not care for the smoothies at all. They didn’t just dislike them…they hated them. Will actually said to me (these are his exact words…I swear) “that recipe was a great disappointment to me mom.”

What is he, 80 years-old already?!

So, we have decided that if we ever try the recipe again, the yogurt is out and vanilla ice cream will be in. Hopefully there is no way we can go wrong with ice cream in there.