Kindergarten Readiness

I spent yesterday morning at school registering Wyatt for kindergarten. His preschool teachers and speech therapist all agree that he has improved by leaps-and-bounds this year both in his speech and in his social behavior. “He is soooo ready for kindergarten!” they all say.

And then I remembered taking this picture at his game on Saturday. And I remembered that feeling I got at the time…you know the one when you are waaaay across the field from your child, you’re trying to snap some photos, and then you see that same child starting to do something really, really naughty? And you’re trying to figure out how you can scream “Don’t you dare even think about it Wyatt Cooper Arthur!!” without looking like a complete maniac in front of all the other soccer parents?

Yep, I definitely had that feeling. And that naughty child would be Wyatt trying to pour his water bottle over that poor girl’s unsuspecting head. Please note the assistant coach looking in completely the opposite direction.

Fortunately, I think the water bottle was either empty or close to being empty as her head seemed to be pretty dry even after he was finished.

That’s my boy! He is soooo ready to be the newest kindergarten class clown alright.