Jordyn's Mama

Tiny Miracle
by Kathy
You are a tiny miracle.
Laying close to my beating heart.
Each and every day I feel
Your presence inside of my womb.
We can’t wait to meet you.

My baby sister will be giving birth to her baby girl, Jordyn Riley, on Friday. Danielle (being the evil sister that she is), called my house today while Drew was here and MADE me take pictures of my 9-months pregnant sister! Can you even believe the gall of that girl?! I would of never, ever, ever…evah…have done that to my sweet baby sister if Danielle hadn’t forced me to.

So Drew, do you get the hint that you need to put all blame for this post on Danielle’s shoulders and definitely not on mine? I’m still your favorite sister, right??

Phew (wiping my brow), I’m in the clear on this one thank goodness.

While Drew was talking to Danielle on the phone, I very sneakily snuck around and took these pictures of her…and she was such a good sport about it. If anyone had tried to take a picture of me four days before I was going to give birth, well let’s just say that they probably wouldn’t be alive to talk about it now.

I think she looks beautiful though…beyond beautiful actually, and the “pregnancy glow” myth is proven to be correct through her.

I will admit that it’s easy for me to say that though, because I’m not the one that is 9-months pregnant in the picture!