It's A Transformation.

I have hated entering our master bedroom closet for the past couple of months. Mainly because it was completely and utterly taken over by stuff.

Stuff was everywhere. Stuff piled on the shelves, stuff shoved in garbage bags that were sitting on the floor (which were packed with stuff to go to Goodwill, or clothes for a friend, or toys to go to church for our Vacation Bible School prize booth), stacks of stuff that were all over any surface that might have been free…it was chaos beyond anything you could imagine. And just completely way too much stuff.

It also was painted green. That was fine when our bedroom was also green, but I changed the color several years ago and the green definitely did not coordinate with the new color. That little issue bothered me a lot.

I finally bit the bullet while Bill was out-of-town this week thinking that maybe I could revamp the closet while he was gone as a surprise for him. Oh my goodness..what a job it was!

Closet ~ “Before”

I just could not bring myself to take a real “before” picture of our closet. It was so horrible I would of had to completely die if anyone had seen it. But to give you a small taste of how it was…take a look at these pictures:

and, amazingly…even more stuff that I didn’t bother to take pictures of ~ ALL OF THAT CAME OUT OF OUR SMALL CLOSET. I quickly became panicked that I would never get this project done before Bill came home. What a nice “surprise” that would be for him.

After staying up until 3 a.m. last night, I was able to finish my project. Here we go…

Closet – “After”

I even incorporated these baskets that Danielle found for me last year…love them!

They coordinate with my bedroom set. You know the set I’m talking about…the one that includes the bedspread on the bed that you can actually now see! Very exciting news, that’s for sure.

I think Bill is going to be pretty happy when he sees the change. I mean, we can actually walk into our closet now…how could he not be happy?