It's A No-Flash Bashing Moment

After taking 3,692,857,914 pictures yesterday, I really felt deep down in my heart that people who recommend taking “no-flash pictures” within the home environment are nutso…off their rockers…psychotics…and, quite frankly, I had a few other adjectives to describe their opinions as well. Then I calmed down, went to view these same “peoples” websites again, and was renewed with a vigor to continue trying to perfect my not-so-perfect no-flash photography.

Here are the best of the worst that I took (and these are after tons of doctoring in my trial version of Lightroom):

I got to babysit cute, cuddly, sweet little “Baby O” from next door yesterday and now I am thinking about becoming more enthusiastic about “convincing” Bill that we need a 5th child. Then again, he’ll probably just enjoy my efforts to convince him and still won’t give in. Booger!! And now you’ll have to excuse me while I delete the other 3,692,857,911 pictures from my computer. And I am not exaggerating one bit about that number. Well, maybe just a *little* bit…