I Love Friday

Fridays are usually one of my favorite days of the week for two reasons: (1) neither of the two boys have preschool on Friday and we get to spend the entire day lazing around at home, and (2) my neighbor is in charge of car-pooling on Fridays so I don’t have to make any trips to the school (yippee!)

Yesterday was an even better Friday than usual because the weather was absolutely bee-yoo-ti-ful and we got to spend almost the entire afternoon outside soaking up the rays and having fun.
From the pictures in this post, you would never know that these two boys’ sole purpose in life is to try to aggravate each other until one of them wants to punch the other one in the face, pick fights continuously about anything and everything, and (my personal favorite) tattling.

I’m slipping this picture in just to prove that it wasn’t all fun and bliss…they definitely had their crabby moments and shouts of “Mom! Him is sooooooo stoopid!” But, really…what kind of boys would they be if they got along every moment of every day?

Oh, that’s right…that would mean that we would be a quiet, peaceful family and mom would never have a headache. {sigh}

I’d rather have my real boys though…

Fights, squabbles, wrestling and all.

Because I also get the blessing of seeing daily glimpses of their love as well…

And that makes everything well worth it to me!