Conversations With Daddy

Bill is flying back home tonight after being in Minnesota on business since Sunday. We are all completely thrilled that he will soon be here. Especially me as I have plans to lock myself in a room for three days while he plays with the kids at the park. He’s not aware of those plans yet, but I’m sure he’ll be fully supportive of that plan of action. Right, babe?

One of the fun routines Bill gets to participate in (or should I say endure) while he’s gone are the morning phone conversations with the kids. Will and Weslea are fun to talk to on the phone now as they can hold a decent conversation and tell Dad all about their school day, how soccer went, about the chunks they found in their snack milk yesterday, and many other interesting tidbits.

And yes….the milk chunks actually happened to Weslea. So. Completely. Gross.

On the other hand, conversations with Wyatt and Weston can be rather, how shall I say it? The best word to describe it is…painful. Especially when they are in a silly mood like they were yesterday morning. This time Bill got to hear numerous, loudly yelled “What’s tookin’, toots?!” followed by mad giggling and then a ton of incomplete “knock, knock” jokes that made absolutely no sense at all. I love to pretend I’m busy at these times so that when Bill is begging the kids to please give the phone to mommy, I can yell from the bathroom…”Sorry kiddos! I’m busy in here. Just give me a minute and I’ll be right out. Talk to daddy for just a little bit longer!” while I begin to madly giggle to myself.

Did I mention that I sometimes go slightly insane when Bill is out of town? It’s a strange state of affairs when that starts to happen around here.
So, yes…we are all completely thrilled that he will be back home in approximately seven more hours. I only have picking up the kids from school, homework, dinner and Praise Team at church tonight to get through and then I’ll get to take a much-needed kid break.
Holy cow. Did I say seven hours? Seven hours is actually a really, really long time. Let the countdown begin…