A Hairy Situation

We have been in our home for seven years now, and we still do not have one bit of landscaping done. Nothing, nada, zilch.

When we first moved here, we had so many other projects to do that landscaping fell way down on our “Honey-Do” list. After that we gave birth to (well, I should say I gave birth to) our last two children and all our extra money went mainly to…diapers.

And now…we have the money we need to get started, but I am just so overwhelmed on how to even begin such a big job that I have done nothing. I’ll probably be making a day trip to the “experts” so that they can be the ones to decide how we should get started.

Our neighbors, on the other hand, have these beautiful trees all over their front yard that I am in love with and I couldn’t wait to take pictures of Weslea with those trees. I really don’t think my photography is getting any better at all, but I did buy the book that everyone is talking about (Digital Photography by Scott Kelby) and I’m going to start reading that this week to see if it will help at all. Sadly, most of my improvement has come from the free trial version of Photoshop Lightroom that I downloaded (and that I will be purchasing once my last 13 days of the trial is over.) Can’t imagine my photography life without it now.

While I was out with Weslea yesterday, I seem to have forgotten the one simple rule of photography that one of my favorite online photographers recommends…

Carry a stinkin’ comb with you!

Following that little tip would of definitely come in handy during this photo shoot!