A Gun What??

My kids and their father spent two days in the woods making a…gun stop. I had no idea what that a gun stop might be, but it involved my kids being in the woods with their dad for two days, so I was pretty happy about the whole thing.

This afternoon I decided I’d better take a quick stroll to the woods to figure out what in the heck they were doing. (Or it might of just been that I didn’t feel like finishing the dishes…) I soon discovered that a gun stop is a “wall” that you set up so that you can safely shoot your guns without killing someone who might happen to walk behind it. Even though we live in the middle of freaking nowhere and there is little to no chance of anyone ever walking behind our woods…except for maybe a deer…or a fox…or an Amish…

(Note to self: we are now officially hillbillies.)

Having a gun stop involves setting up cans. A lot. Over and over.
It involves shooting (obviously)… It involves a lot of noise…

And, it’s actually great fun for all!

Just take a quick peek at this next picture, do you think Will made his shot? Well, yeah…of course he did! Bill told the kids that if they made a shot, they would “get to make dinner!!” He was being a tad facetious (how’s that for my big word of the day) but my weird kiddos thought that was an awesome idea and they ended up making shrimp, cereal and popcorn for dinner tonight…yum-yum.

“Oh, hi mom! Did you happen to notice that we all jumped in a huge mud puddle on our way to the woods and now you get to do 12 extra loads of laundry tonight?!?!?!?”

Mom is not really very thrilled about that mud puddle business.

Let’s continue with the shooting, shall we?

“Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis?”

Will didn’t actually say that, I just thought it was the perfect time to use that phrase in my blog. Good times, good times…