Wyatt's 6th Birthday

Wyatt is a “really big boy” now (as he likes to say) as he turned six yesterday. He was very excited and chose Kent as his friend and Daddy as his parent to go to Acres of Fun for the day with him. Here is the birthday boy and Daddy right before they left for all the fun:

Wyatt had told me before they left (when Bill wasn’t around us) that he wanted his birthday dinner to be at Red Lobster, so I made plans with the grandparents for us all to meet there at 5:30 p.m.

They spent a couple of hours at Acres of Fun and then Bill asked Wyatt where he wanted to eat lunch and he said….Red Lobster! When they met us at Mom and Dad’s house Bill told me where they had eaten and we all got a good laugh out of that ~ little stinker suckered us into two Red Lobster bills in the same day. I tried to talk him into going to Olive Garden for dinner but he wanted no part of that. Off to Red Lobster we went.

The restaurant was so crowded when we got there, that we ended up having to split into two groups to get seated more quickly. Bill, his parents, Will and Weston got seated first and ended up finishing their dinners before Mom, Dad, me, Wyatt and Weslea even finished our salads. In the middle of dinner, Weslea announced that she needed to visit the ladies room so I headed out to the waiting area with her where I heard someone yell “Angie!” I turned around and there were Janine and Pat waiting in line to be seated. It’s a small world alright!

After dinner, we headed back to Mom and Dad’s where Wyatt was thrilled to finally open his presents. He had chosen to get a Nintendo DS instead of a bunch of toys so Grandma and Grandpa Arthur and Mommy and Daddy purchased that for him:

Then, each of his brothers and sister got him a game for his Nintendo DS:

While he was at Acres of Fun, each of the kids also made him a birthday card. Weston’s card cracked me up as he had me write “Happy Birthday Dude!” on the front of it:

We ended the evening with cake, ice cream and snacks. By that time, the kids were more than ready to head home and go to bed. It was a busy, exciting, fun day all around!

Happy 6th Birthday Buddy-Boy!