Wessie Is Famous!

Well, at least in her own mind she is. 🙂

We opened up The Trading Post on Sunday to find pictures of Weslea’s class on the Black River page. The pictures were taken during her PE class on their “Speed Stacking” day. If you’ve never heard of Speed Stacking, you should check it out. The kids all think it’s a ton of fun and definitely addicting.

Unfortunately for Weslea, she is just barely shown in three of the pictures. She doesn’t seem to care though because in her own words…”I’m famous because I’m in the NEWSPAPER!!”

Picture 1: She is all the way on the right-hand side, wearing pink and holding a stack of cups

Picture 2: all the way on the right-hand side again

Picture 3: she is sitting on the ground in front of the tower of cups (hey ~ she’s in the picture so we’re counting it!)