My Silly Boys

I went on a big shopping trip to the outlet malls on Thursday after I about had a heart attack when I couldn’t find any of Wyatt or Weston’s jeans again when I was getting them ready for preschool. They were each down to only two pairs of jeans each and those pairs were either so worn out or short on them that I hated to make them wear them. So, I ended up buying each of them 4 pairs of new jeans each plus a bunch of other stuff as well (and it was all on sale!!)

One of my favorite purchases were the matching sweatshirts that were on sale at Gap and they actually had all of my boy’s sizes! I love dressing the boys alike and I’m lucky that they all still let me (even Will, believe it or not.)

Here is the cutie-pie, “good picture” that they let me take of them…

Of course, they would only settle down and let me take the above picture of them after I promised that we could have “silly picture-time” after the “good picture.” I think I like the “silly picture” better than the “good one” anyway…it definitely reflects their personalities better and shows how they act 99% of the time!